Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How to Find a Photo Location

Seattle Sunrise, originally uploaded by Gamut's Edge.

This is a photo I have wanted to take for years. It's Downtown Seattle from Beacon Hill. I don't live in Seattle, and I've only stayed overnight there a few times. However, I once saw a photo of Downtown Seattle with a twisted mass of interstates entering the city. After a long time spent on Google maps I found a probable location for this shot.

Last week I had two overnights in Seattle. On the first overnight I took a scouting jog towards beacon hill. It was surprisingly easy to find. The next morning I got up before sunrise and set out with my camera and tripod. I had two locations for the shot scouted. One from a bridge and this location in a park. Because I had scouted the scene the day before I had time to shoot both spots during the brief period of good light.


Anonymous said...

Hey, D.R, I remember the day I first met you at Virgin. You had just got in on a transcon LAX-JFK, and I said hey, when I realized that you looked like a guy that used to fly turboprops for US xpress, and posted pics on pbase,I knew I had to ask-and the rest is history....I had to leave Virgin so I could get my own camera and my own jet to fly. Great pictures, great blog,see ya around!
BTW Nathan Larsen says hi

Dave said...

Thanks for the comment. I remember you. You're the first and only person that ever recognized me from my online photography. I wish I could have chatted with you longer. I had just started at Virgin when I talked to you and I was in a new guy/new to the job haze. Good luck getting a jet and a camera. Thanks for reading my blog.

What's Nate Larsen up to? I once ran into him while walking around downtown Chicago -- very random. Last I talked to him he was flying for Piedmont. I think that was more than a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

HE's still single, and still a jokester, which may be why he is single....hmmm...but yea he's flying the E175 at compass now.