Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hotel LAX

Hotel LAX, originally uploaded by Gamut's Edge.

Ever wonder what us airline crews do on overnights? This is it for me -- run the stairs at our hotels.

Staying in shape and flying are two things that don't go well together. Flying involves a lot of sitting around and eating airport food. On overnights I always try to fit in a jog to counter act the sedentary lifestyle. One of the good things about jogging is I get to see our overnights from a new perspective.

In LA we stay at the airport Westin. There aren't many places to go running except Inglewood (Inglewood Inglewood always up to no good). When I am sick of running past the characters that walk the mean streets of Inglewood I run the stairs in the hotel instead.

The above photo is taken from the outdoor portion of the Westin's stairs to the roof. If you look close you can see the LAX control tower and some airplanes taxiing out.

On the roof of the hotel is a helipad. Makes me think of a 1970's hotel fire movie.

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