Friday, August 22, 2008

Los Angeles Basin

Los Angeles Basin, originally uploaded by Gamut's Edge.

When arriving in Los Angeles from the east the suburbs seem to start impossibly far away from the airport. The sprawl begins unrolling 70 miles out in the desert. The above photo was taken during a rare clear morning. We were arriving around 9:00 am from Washington Dulles.

You can see that the L.A. suburbs are in a steep valley. Afternoon heating pulls moisture in from the ocean. Most days the valley is filled with a thick haze, especially by late afternoon. The mountains surrounding L.A. also trap the exhaust from all the vehicles traveling the sprawl. This creates the famous L.A. smog. However, there was a recent study released that said Los Angeles residents create the least CO2 per person than any other region in the nation. The Southern California climate causes the least amount of home heating and cooling. The famous smog is mostly the result of geography.

I can't wait for winter to sow cap some of the higher peaks around Los Angeles. Look for some cool pictures on this blog in January!

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