Friday, September 12, 2008

Hmm, What is That Jingle I Hear

Yesterday I set up to take some photos of Ella. She turned eleven months old and I have been trying to get photos of her each month. Our dumpy rental house doesn't offer much for background so I was using a plain white sheet and one of Ella's blankets for a backdrop. I hate the plain white sheet. It looks worse than a JCPenny's portrait, but I am more sick of our ugly red furniture in every photo.

We started taking pictures and our big dog Gatsby got Jealous and decided to get in the frame. Ella is obsessed with Gatsby's dog tags. She always tries to grab them. You can see the concentration on her face in this pic. You can also see the ruins of my ghetto photo set in the background.

Ella eventually got a hold of Gatsby's tags -- see here and here

The strobist would not be proud of me. This photo was lit with camera mounted flash bounced off the ceiling. I do have a second slave strobe, but all my rechargeable AA batteries are be used in Ella's toys. Living in California sucks. I can't even afford an extra set of batteries.

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