Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thunderstorm at JFK International

Here's another one from my big delay at Kennedy International Airport two days ago. Kennedy is backed up even when the weather is nice. This picture was taken as a late summer thunderstorm was rolling through. There were at least 25 aircraft parked out on runway 13R waiting for the weather to pass. We were near the end of the line. The airplane in front of us was a Jetblue A-320. In this picture I captured its beacon reflected in the wet concrete.

The windshield angles away from me so only a small part of this photo is in sharp focus, the area where the bead of water goes all the way across the frame. If I try a shot like this again I think I'm going to try to get parallel to the window and get more of the beads of water in focus. Hopefully I don't have an opportunity for a reshoot anytime soon.

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