Monday, September 1, 2008

Hotel Seattle

Hotel Seattle, originally uploaded by Gamut's Edge.

Today I got the corner room at our Seattle hotel. The view is great. If you're from Seattle you can try and guess which hotel we stay at.

If I have to edit one more photo shot through a window I think I will puke. Airplane windows and hotel windows steal contrast and leave a color cast.

I'm submitting this one to istock. We'll see if it makes it past the harsh gaze of the istock inspectors.

What do you think this photo will earn in two years on istock? I'm betting two downloads totaling $5.50. If the Space Needle or mount Rainer were in the background I'd guess a photo like this would bring in over $40.

I took a jog around downtown Seattle and scouted out some good photo locations. Next time I overnight here I'm bringing my tripod.

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